The condo-grade apartments at The Bordeaux are at the forefront of luxury and comfort. Do not sacrifice quality when picking your new dwelling. Fully loaded with gorgeous finishes and smart home technology, there is something for everyone at The Bordeaux.

Around every corner, you will find character based on history. The Bordeaux’s roots run deep in Saint Louis. Affectionately referred to by the community members as The Mop Factory, the history of The Bordeaux can be appreciated in unique floorplan names inspired by this gorgeous building’s past and it’s ties to the history of Saint Louis.

-Quartz Countertops-
-Smart Thermostats-
-Stainless Appliances-
-Gorgeous Backsplash-
-Curated Designs-

The Martin

$1420-$1699 | 703-800 ft²

The Broadway

$1265-$1301 | 614-635 ft²

The Mackintosh

$1339-$1369 | 658-665 ft²

The Square

$1499-$1520 | 751-760 ft²

The Crown

$1280-$1340 | 623-657 ft²

The Bouras

$1279-$1284 | 625 ft²

The Lafayette

$1226-$1245 | 592-603 ft²

The James

$1369-$1399 | 670-680 ft²

The Canvas

$1345-$1373 | 660-676 ft²